Sunday, 31 August 2014

Past x Present x Future

Good Afternoon World! Today is Sunday, You're alive & healthy. #GodBless. It's the last day of August, meaning SCHOOLS BACK! Kids worldwide are either super excited or dreading the first day of school. When I was a kid I was always excited for school. New clothes, new backback & lunchbag , new hairstyle and of course A NEW YEAR. I always promised myself to do the best I could, to always push myself because my mother ain't raise no fool! Lol! But as soon as I got into high school, I knew that what I do here affects my life in the future. My dream since I was in Junior Kindergarten was to be a dentist. I knew it was hard work but I was willing to do whatever it takes. My dream continued into middle school & straight into highschool. In my senior year when it was time to apply for college , I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I applied for dental school knowing it was tough & a very competitive field but had faith in GOD & myself. I got accepted into every program I applied for which really made my mom proud. When My first year of college rolled around it was great, the experience and the people. But it just wasnt for me so I made the heartbreaking choice to drop out. Of course my parents were angry and dissapointed but I had to reassure them not to worry cause I GOT THIS. Lol! I took some time off to work, save up and really decide what I wanted to do. With some time to think & reflect I remembered what one of my favourite teachers once told me. Her name was Mrs.VonEppinghoven & she had a huge affect on me and my life. She always told me I would be great on TV or in the media. So I looked into positions and careers in the television field. I enventually found & applied for programs at a few different colleges. With the great work of God & myself I got accepted into every program. Broadcast for Television & Videography and Jouralism for Print & Broadcast were the two I was most proud of. I ended up choosing Broadcast for Television & Videography. The field I was in is completely the opposite of what I'm doing now, but I've learned that it doesnt matter what has happened in the past. You have a whole new 24 hours each day. You can either use it to the best of your ability, go out there & reach your goals. OR you can let your past affect you. With ambition, hard work, preserverance, patience & the help of God, you can accomplish ANYTHING you want. No matter how big or small. So going into September tomorrow, always remember that your past mistakes don't define you, it's what you do with your future! Have a great Sunday everyone! #SpreadLove #KateeWithLove #WelcomeToKateLand 

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