Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Mind Control.

Good Afternoon World! The birds are chirping & the sun is shining! You have made it to another day! #ThankGod! Today I want to speak on controlling your mind. Your brain is the most hard working organ in your body, it works 24/7 controlling everything you do & everything you think.  With all the problems and issues of today, I think that it's very easy to let our minds run wild and start overthinking. We can ruin a good day JUST by overthinking or being negative. What you put in your mind will become your reality. If you want to live a happy, loving life you must first love yourself and tell yourself "No matter what happens today, I choose to be HAPPY!" Things wont always go your way, you might trip and fall on your way to success but if you have a strong mind, anything is possible. If you learn to control your thoughts and emotions then you can control how things affect you. If you learn to see the positive side to everything then you will never have to complain about anything.
Life is what YOU make it. You could let things get to you & become either sad or angry or you could learn what it has taught you, grow from it and move on. As the Famous Buddha once said.. "Rule Your Mind, Or It Will Rule You.." This is the truth!  Have a positive & productive day everyone! :) #SpreadLove #GoodVibes #KateeWithLove #WelcomeToKateLand

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