Monday, 24 August 2015

Being The "Token Black Girl"

Gooood Morning World! : ) Mondays... Aha yes I know, the worst day in the week..  Luckily I'm off today. ;) So I decided to write a blog post! 

Being The "Token" Black Girl.. 

(This is my story, not made to offend anyone) 

From kindergarten I went to a predominantly "White" school. (Shout out to P.M.J.S :) !! ) and from a young age I was confused cause there weren't  a lot of other races, like myself. So I went through stages.. For example, In middle school (Shout Out To J.G.A !!) I was referred to as "Oreo" or  "White washed" by my White friends & school mates. This not only confused me but also pissed me off.. Going to high school (Shoutout to M.C.IIIII !!) I finally went to school with Black people & many other races. Which I loved! But just when I thought I could make friends of my colour.. They don't like me.. Many of my school friends told me they didn't like me at first because again I was an "Oreo".. So now I'm confused..Like damn homie.. Not black enough for the black girls but just "white washed" to the white girls.. Then came senior year & I realized who I was.. I was Caitlind. People judge me because of how I look, speak & who my friends are. I have friends from many backgrounds & I didn't build friendships based on colour.. It's based on soul & heart. So before you call someone "White/Black/Asian/Spanish  washed" Think about this story.. & DON'T!! Aha This is a true story of how I felt in school &l it's not cool. Let people be whoever they want to be. Don't Judge ! Be so happy with your life you don't have to worry about others.. Life will be better for everyone! :) 

Hope you enjoyed my story :D

Have a great day!



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